Some Memories Never Die

Jeff Lang’s new book Some Memories Never Die is here!

“This is Jeff Lang’s guide to the often hilarious life of a jobbing musician. He lived these tales so you can laugh in comfort.” Don Walker

Jeff reckons his memory is like a sieve, “…yet some things just stick.”

Memories of gigs where the pay was akin to blood money.

Reflections on how the road’s twists and turns can be lightened by the presence of fellow travellers, occasionally darkened by them too.

Musings on recording, songwriting, and touring around.

A journey kicked off by falling in love with sound.

Shonky Dealers.

Diamond geezers.

The hunt for a tone that turns your head.

The late-night mind-fog in some far-flung bed.

Glad encounters and sad goodbyes.

Some memories never die.

“For Some Memories Never Die I wanted to connect recollections from the life I’ve lived to some of the songs I’ve made up along the way. I wasn’t looking to write a linear autobiography, with my life’s journey laid out in order of occurrence. More a series of stand-alone vignettes was what I had in mind. I wasn’t sure exactly how a good many of these tales could be connected to the songs I intended to include, as I don’t generally write autobiographical songs. But as I wrote down the varied reminiscences, certain stories seemed to go together and themes became apparent to me. Gradually it all seemed to find it’s form, and Some Memories Never Die is the end result.

“I decided to re-record all 22 songs that are included in the book’s text, and they come free via a download code, which is printed on a bookmark included with each copy.

“I’ll be hitting the road during 2020 to bring the book to everyone, but in the mean-time, please do pick up a copy via the link here. Hope you enjoy it.” Jeff Lang, March 2020.

“Jeff’s passion surges like an ocean, his humour glides through the torrent like a catamaran: Manned by a grinning feline. Please catch a ride.” Tim Rogers