Gear Hunting from Some Memories Never Die

Jeff has found the time lately to film a few readings of excerpts of various chapters from “Some Memories Never Die” – click on the link to see the first of five weekly video releases.

Liz Stringer wrote a lovely review of the book on her Facebook page:
“His writing is like his conversation; erudite, descriptive and laced with a healthy element of self-deprecation and smart-arsery. It’s a ripper and a vital addition to the documentation of Australia’s music history. Music fans will go nuts for it, as I have. Ten stars out of five.
Anyone who wants to grab a copy can do so via the store, or via Jeff’s bandcamp page.

Jeff is also posting an in-depth video exploration of his live rig for his Patreon subscribers this week as well. Anyone who wants to check out what’s going on over there can do so at