Jeff Lang


Page last updated September 6 2012


Jeff uses a number of tunings to play his songs. Some are standard stuff, others less so. He also uses capos which cover only a few of the strings on the guitar. When you see "partial capo A" it is a capo which covers only strings one to five, leaving the low E string clear. When you see "partial capo B" it means a capo which covers all but the 3rd string.

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Carried In Mind Half Seas Over
Cedar Grove Live At The Vineyard
Chimeradour Native Dog Creek
Disturbed Folk Ravenswood
Disturbed Folk 2 Whatever Makes You Happy
Djan Djan You Have To Dig Deep To Bury Daddy
Everything Is Still Other Songs
Carried In Mind
Running By The Rock DADGAD
I'm Barely There EABEBE
Fisherman's Farewell EABEBE
Towards Love DADEAD
Mama, Why You Holding Back Now? EABEBE
Jack-A-Roe DADGAD Capo III
Frightened Fool DADF#AD Capo V
Newbridge DADEAD
Way Past Midnight EBEG#BE Capo III
Cedar Grove
Prepare Me Well
Is She Slipping DADGBE, Capo III
Too Easy Too Kill Low BBEG#BE
Cedar Grove EBEG#BE, Partial Capo B, I
Bateman's Bay EBEEBE
Broken One More Time EBEG#BE
Always Moving EBEF#BD
Cutthroat DADF#AD
We Don't Ask EBEF#BD, Capo VII
Throw It All EADGBE, Capo III; Partial Capo A, V
Call Letter Blues UpEBEG#BE
Two Worlds
Home To You EBEG#BE
I Want To Believe lowBBEF#BE
I Don't Like Him Being In Here DADGAD
Edge Of The Light DGDGCD
Slow Rooms and Fast-Blurred Faces EABEBE
South EBEG#BE (Capo V)
Another One Of Those Days EBEF#BD
The End Of The Rainbow EBEF#BE (Capo I)
Half A Tank Of Hope EABEBE
Things Are Coming Back My Way EBEG#BE
The Janitor UpEBEF#BE
Disturbed Folk
When He Talks To God EBEG#BE, Capo II
Feeling This Way EAEAC#E, Capo II
Something We Can Dance To DADF#AD, Capo II
1952 Vincent Black Lightning UpDADGBE, Capo VII
Disturbed Folk 2
Elvis is Still Dead UpEBEG#BE capo III
Djan Djan
Djan Djan DADF#AD (Capo III)
Mamalangsingh DADF#AD (CapoIII)
She Said She Felt Broken lowAADEAD
We Brought You Here UpDADEAC
Everything Is Still
Big Feeling
Can't Raise My Head EBEG#BE
The Point EBEG#BE
Everything is Still DGDGBD
No Good Answers EBEG#BE
Gina DADGBE capo III
Trainwreck 49 EBEF#BD
Release DADGBE
Between the Lines EADGBE
Some Memories Never Die UpEBEF#BD capo III
Half Seas Over
Southern Highlands Daughter DGDGCD
Copper Mine DADGAD
The Savannah Way EBEEBE
Five Letters EABEBE (Capo V)
The House Carpenter EABEBE (Capo II)
My Mother Always Talked To Me EBEG#BE (Capo V)
The Vaults Of Lattanzio DADGAD
Mooncoin DADF#AD
Ghosting On My Mind DADGAD
Night Draws In EABEBE (Capo III)
Newman Town UpEBEG#BE
Live At The Vineyard
Scream UpEBEF#BD
Native Dog Creek
Native Dog Creek
Wing Changing EBEG#BE
In A Town Like This EBEG#BE, Capo V
Never Loved The Man EADGBE, Partial Capo A, IV
Killer EBEG#BE
I Still See You DADGAD, Capo III
Nothing To Be Ashamed Of EBEG#BE
Freddy EBEG#BE, Capo III
Burn That Bridge EBEG#BE, Capo II; Partial Capo A, V
Heaven In A Cup EBEG#BE
No Trouble No More UpEBEEBE
Winter Sun EADGBE, Capo II
Daddys Alright DADGBE, Capo V
7th Of November EADGBE, Capo II
What's In A Name DADGBE Capo II
Ravenswood EBEF#BD, Capo V
Heaven In A Cup EBEG#BE
The Girl Is Mine EADGBE
Feels The Same EBEG#BE
Master Plan EAEAC#E
A Little Rain EBEG#BE, Capo II
Bells, Beach And Candle Jeff - DADF#AD
Whatever Makes You Happy
The Save
Switchblade Low BBEF#BE Capo III
Alive In There EBEGBE
You Should've Waited DGDGBD
Orange Roughie LowBBEF#BE
By Face Not Name EBEG#BE Capo V
Rain On Troy EABEBE Capo II
The Day I Got Chewing Gum ... DADF#AD
Rejected Novelist Fails Again DADGBD
Accidental Seabirds DADF#AD
You Tremble EBEF#BD Capo II
Slip Away EBEG#BE
The Road Is Not Your Only Friend Low BBEF#BE Capo II
Whatever Makes You Happy EBEG#BE Capo VII
Outtake One Low BBEF#BE
Outtake Two UpDADF#AD
You Have To Dig Deep To Bury Daddy
'Til They Cut Me Down
Here She Comes Again DADGBD
And All The Snow Melted BF#BD#F#B
Molasses and Stone EABEBE Capo I
Carriages Grind in the Half Light Rush EBEG#BE
Un-Natural Act EBEG#BE
Between the Dirt and Sky DADGBD
I'm Not the One Sweating EBEG#BE
In My Time Of Dying DADF#AD
Motherless Children EBEG#BE
Lubbock Texas EBEEBE Capo III
Damaged People UpDADGAD
Other Songs
Let Me Down DADGAD, Capo III
We Belong Together DAEAC#E
Charlie's Pool EADGBE
Frightened Fool DADF#AD Capo III
Goin' Out West UpDADGBE