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Beeton Guitars

Beeton Brass Guitars began in 1994 by Greg Beeton who is recognised as Australia's most respected metal body resonator builder.

Greg is dedicated to building resonator instruments of the highest quality. All guitars are individually handcrafted by Greg, specifically for each client.

A complete range of instruments are available including Square neck Tricone guitars, Baritone Tricone guitars (27" scale), Tricone guitars (25" scale), single cone guitars (12 and 14 fret body shape), Tenor Guitars, Mandolins, Ukuleles (tenor, concert, miniature Tricone ukes).

Instruments come either plain, sand etched or superbly hand engraved by Greg, in styles 2, 3 or 4.

All Parts are handmade including the resonator cones which are now available directly from Greg for separate sale.

Jeff's Beeton

Beeton Brass Guitars
Beeton Single Cone Beeton Tricone Plain Beeton Tricone Square Neck Beeton Tenor Guitar
Single Cone
Tricone Plain Tricone Square Neck Tenor Guitar

Prices for the guitars are provided on application, Greg's contact details follow.

Beeton Brass Guitars, Australia

Telephone: 02 4946 9652 (within Australia)
Telephone: 612 4946 9652 (outside Australia)

Email: Click here to email Beeton Guitars
25 Neridah Road
Belmont North
NSW 2280