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Blues and Roots Festival Compilations
Year of Release: 1994
Cat. Number: JL941CD Release Status: Available
Track Listing:
  1. Scream
  2. Winter Sun
  3. Daddy's Alright
  4. 7th Of November
  5. Mr God
  6. What's In A Name
  7. Ravenswood
  8. Heaven In A Cup
  9. The Girl Is Mine
  10. Feels The Same
  11. Master Plan
  12. A Little Rain
  13. Bells, Beach And Candle
You Have To Dig Deep To Bury Daddy
Listen: Heaven In A Cup [mp3]


Produced by Les Karski
Engineered by Mick Wordley and Alan Kelly
Recorded February 1994 at Mixmasters Studio, Adelaide

Jeff Lang: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar, Electric Ghost, Banjo, Brick, Airline Resophonic, vocals and foot!
Joe Accaria: Rainstick, Conga, Darabukka, Tambourine, Water Bottle, Piano, Snare Drum, Kitchen Floor Kit, Marraccas, Bell Cymbal.
Les Karski: Death Drone, Bedpan, Additional Percussion, Bass.
Chris Soole: Saxophone (Tracks 2 & 4)
Allan Kelly: Spare Change (Track 1)
Rob Riley: Mandolin (Track 8)
Phil Manning: Guitar (Track 13)

Train Spotter's Section

Extra Tracks Recorded, But Not Used

Dead Man (Tim Hall/Jeff Lang) - eventually surfaced as a bonus track on the 96 Tour Pressie Giveaway CD.

Spot Fires (Jeff Lang) - re-recorded for live album Disturbed Folk Black Cloud Day (Jeff Lang) - never performed live!

She Has the Key (Tim Hall/Jeff Lang) - performed occasionally... very occasionally

Years Go By (Xanthe Littlemore) - unreleased in any form

Boy in a Man's Shoes (Tim Hall/Jeff Lang) - unreleased in any form

The Stroll (Jeff Lang) - semi-frequently performed in 1994

Instrument Guide

Electric Ghost: actually, this is nothing more than an invented title for an electric guitar played with slide that sounds vaguely keyboardesque. It can be heard inthe background of "Mr. God'.

Death Drone: again an invented name, to hide the fact that we used a keyboard. Les Karski played the single droning note underneath the guitar solo in "Daddy's Alright" using one finger!

Kitchen Floor Kit: a collection of various metal percussion "instruments", cardboard boxes, and the like, played by Joe Acaria, mostly with his hands while seated on his bum. Heard on "Heaven in a Cup".

Bed Pan: yes, that kind! Played by Les Karski, not sitting on it at the time, and empty (the bed pan, that is).

Brick: common, or garden variety, struck by Lang with a spanner, after scraping it on the ground. We are awaiting session offers.