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Carried In Mind cover Carried In Mind
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Live at the Vineyard Live at the Vineyard

Blues and Roots Festival Compilations
Carried In Mind
Year of Release: 2011 ABC Music
Cat. Number: 2780480 Release Status: Available
Track Listing:
  1. Running By The Rock
  2. I'm Barely There
  3. Fisherman's Farewell
  4. Towards Love
  5. Mama, Why You Holding Back Now?
  6. You Never Know Who's Listening
  7. Jack-A-Roe
  8. Frightened Fool
  9. Newbridge
  10. Way Past Midnight
Carried In Mind album cover
Bonus Disc Track Listing:
  1. Jack-A-Roe
  2. Mama, Why You Holding Back Now?
  3. Harry Was A Bad Bugger
  4. I'm Barely There
  5. Running By The Rock
  6. Way Past Midnight
  7. Mr Finnen (Instrumental)
  8. Frightened Fool
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Produced by Jeff Lang, except Fisherman's Farewell which was produced by Mark Opitz and Jeff Lang

Recorded by Dave Manton at The Enclave Recording Facility Melbourne, Australia, except Fisherman's Farewell which was recorded by Colin Wynn at 30 Mill Studios Brunswick, Australia.

Mixed by Colin Wynn assisted by Rohan Kay at 30 Mill Studios Mastered by Jack The Bear at Deluxe Mastering

Cover illustration "Strange Creatures" by Amanda Upton

Strange Creatures

Band photo by Joshua Morris
Album design by Myf Walker