Jeff Lang

Jeff Lang shows in Glasgow, London & Cannes.

Jeff is looking forward to playing for his fans next week in Europe! Glasgow will be treated to Maru Tarang as well as solo Jeff Lang shows. Maru Tarang is Jeff & Bobby Singh’s collaboration w/ Rajasthani musicians; Asin Langa & Bhungar Manganivar. Check out this AMAZING clip of a recent performance they did in Jodhpur at the RIFF Festival:

Of special note is Jeff’s show at the Half Moon in Putney on Jan 29th with Indigenous song woman Shellie Morris.

Happy listening!

2014 Shenzhen Midi Festival

2014 Shenzhen Midi Festival at New Year,

the annual theme: Reduce Horn Honking
2014 Shenzhen Midi Festival presented by Kaisa, the three day event of the first Midi Festival in 2014 will take place at the Universiade Park in Longgang District of Shenzhen! In about 50 days, we invite you and your friends to join the gigantic New Year’s countdown that shall echo in an ocean of joy!

The first Shenzhen Midi Festival successfully ended on May 19th in 2013, a huge live event to celebrate rock and indie music that has never been witnessed before in Shenzhen. No matter if cats’n’dogs or under burning rays of the sun, nearly 100 bands from Mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Macau and other countries all gathered at Shenzhen’s Universiade Park to rock the crowd by ten thousands in number, it was definately the biggest party of youth culture of the year in south China. The enthusiastic sing-out-loud collectively across the whole festival site against the sudden storm and rain, dozents of water guns in action to cool down the mid noon heat by Midi staff “fire fighters” (including Mr. Zhang Fan), the kids who formed a circle to protect gray haired elders while they enjoyed the vivid live show, the security guy who had a lot of fun while stage diving and high-fiving the crowd, all these were such valuable memories and impressions of Shenzhen Midi Festival.

The theme of Midi Festival 2014 is “Reduce Horn Honking” which is a call out on the public to reduce the rampant noise pollution caused by vehicles in thousands of towns and cities in China and to restore a peaceful and healthy environment and personal mood. We designed a bilingual sign in Chinese and English as an healthy appeal, not only to remind drivers to maintain a good habit of keeping the noise down but also to symbolize the practice of sprits which is always cherished by Midi: EQUALITY, FRIENDLINESS, RESPECT and GENEROSITY. We encourage you to print it out and put it on your car!

2014 Shenzhen Midi Festival will be the first Chinese music festival that breaks into the New Year and massive featured activities for audience are coming soon!