Jeff Lang



Released 1994

“Ravenswood” – studio album
Furry Records FR001

Produced by Les Karski. Recorded by Mick Wordley and Allan Kelly at Mixmasters, Adelaide, South Australia in Feb 1994.

Jeff Lang – vocals, guitars, banjo, percussion

Joe Accaria – percussion

Chris Soole – saxophone on Winter Sun and 7th Of November

Les Karski – percussion on What’s In A Name, bass on Heaven In A Cup

Rob Riley – mandolin on Heaven In A Cup

Phil Manning – acoustic guitar on Bells Beach and Candle

All songs written by Jeff Lang, except Mr. God (Tim Hall, Jeff Lang), 7th Of November (Casey Scott), The Girl Is Mine (Wendy Morrison) and A Little Rain (Tom Waits).

  • Scream
  • Winter Sun
  • Daddy's Alright
  • 7th Of November
  • Mr. God
  • What's In A Name
  • Ravenswood
  • Heaven In A Cup
  • The Girl Is Mine
  • Feels The Same
  • Master Plan
  • A Little Rain
  • Bells Beach and Candle