Jeff Lang


Rarities 1994-2012 – 12

Released 2016

Vinyl album, mixture of studio and live 

Vinyl LP containing a mixture of live recordings and studio outtakes.

Redhair Records

Side A

Everything Is Still (live 2001)

She Has The Key (studio outtake 1994)

Pocket Size (studio outtake 2001)

Release (live 2001)

Sleeping (studio outtake 2004)

Side B

Too Easy To Kill (live radio broadcast 1999)

Frightened Fool (studio alternate take 2012)

Some Memories Never Die (live 2005)



Jeff Lang – vocals, guitars

Angus Diggs – drums on Everything Is Still, Release and too Easy To Kill

Grant Cummerford – bass on Too Easy To Kill, Frightened Fool and Some Memories Never Die

Danny McKenna – drums on Frightened Fool and Some Memories Never Die

Brendan MacMahon – piano on Some Memories Never Die